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enjoy the light

It can be used as an octagonal side table, and at night it can also be used as indirect lighting by inserting LED lighting. At that time, the light leaking from the main body pattern creates a fantastic space.

When hanging the lighting, a magnet is embedded in the back of the top plate, so it is possible to hang the lighting using a carabiner.

By disassembling everything and storing it in the attached case, it can be loaded without taking up space when loading in a car.

Dimensions Body: W450 D450 H385

Material body: walnut (veneer) / oak


finish oil finish

Weight about 5kg (body)

*There are individual differences in color and wood grain. Please note.

*Lighting fixtures are not included.

*Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice.

* This product uses a magnet. It is extremely dangerous to bring magnets close to people with electronic medical devices such as pacemakers and other electronic medical devices. It may impair the normal operation of medical equipment. please note.

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