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Han romance.

It is a case that can store that popular firewood scissors.

You don't have to worry about damaging other gear when carrying firewood scissors, so you can carry it more stylishly. In front of the bonfire, take firewood scissors as if they were swords and put them in and out of SAYA and smile like a child!

* PULSE body (firewood scissors) is not included.

* WWW_PULSEHANDLE is not included. Please purchase WWW_PULSEHANDLE at Geek Fieid or WWW_SHOP (at stores/events).

[Wow! Winter WORK shop] Pre-sale at the event! !

Dimensions 315 x 40 x 32

Material Walnut/Teak/Purple Heart/Rosewood

finish oil finish

Weight about 0.2kg (with individual differences)

*There are individual differences in color and wood grain. Please note.

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