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Bring your own gear.

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A high-quality walnut display cabinet that complements your proud gear.

With a single display shelf, the storage capacity of the curtain is greatly increased, and the clutter of the table is reduced, making it very convenient. It is easy to assemble, and it has a simple structure where you just hook the upper shelf to the legs and set it in an inverted V shape, then put the shelf on.

The shelves are made of walnut and oak and have a reversible structure, so you can change them according to the atmosphere and mood of the site.

Comes with a case, so please use it at home, and carry it in a case for camping.

Dimensions Body: W1000 D245 H710 (when assembled)

Upper shelf: W600

Middle shelf: W800

Lower shelf: W1000

Material Body: Walnut/Oak

* Shelves are reversible between walnut and oak.

finish oil finish

Weight about 5kg (body)

*There are individual differences in color and wood grain. Please note.

*Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice.

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