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CAMP_HOLIC20 × WHAT WE WANT collaboration [KATORI]

[Online store] [WWW_SHOP] limited

A special KATORI with a laser-printed illustration designed by CAMP_HOLIC20, who is active on Instagram and YouTube.

A new type of mosquito coil holder with a bowl-shaped plate and a top lid. By sandwiching the mosquito-repellent incense from the top and bottom, it is difficult to see directly inside, giving it an elegant and stylish finish. You can expect it to be useful in a wide range of situations, as it reduces the risk of ash being blown up by the wind. The center ring can be used by attaching a carabiner to hang it or passing it through a rope. When extinguishing the fire, just close the lid and leave it as it is.

Dimension Φ180 H80mm

Material Walnut/Cherry

finish oil finish

Weight about 0.35Kg (with individual differences)

*Please do not hang the product in case of strong wind as it is dangerous.

*Please do not install it above your head as it is dangerous.

* If the spark falls into the holder, it may cause a fire.

* If tar or dirt adheres, soak a cloth in a neutral detergent diluted with lukewarm water, wring it out firmly, and then wipe it off. Wipe dry when the dirt is removed.

*The upper and lower plates are not completely closed and are designed to have a gap of about 1.5mm. It is not a defective product.

*If the metal fittings become loose, tighten them within the range that can be tightened by hand.

* Mosquito coil is not included.

*There are individual differences in color and wood grain. Please note.

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