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To a woody and high-quality space.

Easily customize popular LED lanterns.

This is a custom shade exclusively for Goal Zero's palm-sized compact LED lantern [Lighthouse Micro Flash] and [Lighthouse Micro].

We have created a lantern shade that is perfect for such popular LED lanterns. Each shade is lathed one by one by a woodturner and has an elegant appearance and is easy to remove. Simply cover the shade from the top of the lantern. The warmth of lanterns and wood creates a high-quality space.

We have received inquiries that the lantern itself is not included, but only the shade will be sold.

Dimensions Φ110 H18

Material Walnut/Oak/Cherry

Finishing oil finish

Weight approximately 0.03kg (individual differences)

*There are individual differences in color and wood grain. Please note.

*Cherry wood is easily sunburned and the color may change significantly.

*Goal Zero is not included.

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