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Flagship model of [WHAT WE WANT].

*Please read before purchasing

  • This EXTENSIONTABLE is a popular item, so one person can purchase it. Please refrain from making multiple purchases on the same day. If it is confirmed that you have purchased multiple units or multiple times, it will be treated as a cancellation.

EXTENSIONTABLE expands and contracts at ≒ 900-1700, and please purchase the optional parts table separately according to the application.

This is the flagship model of WHAT WE WANT, and it is a table shaped like "what we want".

You can install and use a flat burner made by SNOWPEAK (*WWW recommended) , but if you use a burner from another manufacturer, please use it at your own risk.

The option table (large) and (small) has two sides , and the materials are moise (white side) and melamine resin (black side). Mois has excellent water absorption and can be used to place cooked pots. Melamine is easy to use when writing because it uses scratch-resistant materials. (* Please see the photo and purchase the number of sheets according to the intended use.)

Dimensions [When used] W921-1720 x D436 x H382mm

[When stored] W921 x D436 x H81mm

Material Body: Walnut/Oak

OP table: (Small) (Large): Moisture (white surface), melamine resin (black surface)

finish oil finish

Weight ≒ 10kg

*There is no accessory such as a storage case.

*There are individual differences in color and wood grain. Please note.

*Please be careful when using the burner when there is wind.

*Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice.

*There is a protective film on the optional table melamine surface (black surface) when new, so please remove it before use.

* This product uses a magnet. It is very dangerous to bring magnets close to people with electronic medical devices such as pacemakers and other electronic medical devices. It may impair the normal operation of medical equipment. please note.

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