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A cute guy.

*Please be sure to read before purchasing

  • Due to the popularity of this item, WWW_38SHADE is limited to one purchase per person for each material. Please refrain from making multiple purchases on the same day. If multiple units or multiple purchases are confirmed, the order will be canceled without prior notice.

This is a custom shade exclusively for 38 explore's popular LED lantern [38 lights 38-KT (MIYABI)].

The WWW wooden shade exclusively for 38 lights (MIYABI) is now on sale. It has a cute design with a mushroom-like silhouette.

In order to enjoy the heathered grain, the wood is purposely made with the end of the wood facing the direction of the wood, which is prone to breakage, so please handle with care.

We have received inquiries that the lantern itself is not included, but only the shade will be sold.

Dimensions Φ90 H55

Material Walnut/Oak/Cherry

Finishing oil finish

Weight approximately 0.07Kg (individual differences)

*There are individual differences in color and wood grain. Please note.

*This product is very fragile, so please handle with care to avoid dropping it on hard surfaces.

*Cherry wood is easily sunburned and the color may change significantly.

*38 lights (MIYABI) are not included.


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