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WOOD OIL for repair.

Repair wood oil for oak wood coloring products (color: chocolate color).

A natural paint based on alkyd resin (safflower oil/linseed oil), carbanal wax, and candelilla wax.

[Contents] ≒90 ml

[Application area] ≒0.9㎡

[How to use] Apply it with a brush, etc., wipe it off with a cloth and dry it in the shade.

[Precautions for use] Avoid direct sunlight during storage. Please thoroughly dampen used sponges and rags with water before disposing of them. (Due to the risk of spontaneous combustion )

*Please store in a cool, dark place with a tightly stopper.

*Please be careful not to rub too hard immediately after applying as the color may fade.

*Please note that the color may transfer to clothing.

*Please stir the paint well from the bottom of the bottle before use.

*Please ensure sufficient ventilation during painting and drying.

※No fires

*Please note that specifications may change without notice.

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