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Relax at home or at Soto.

*Scheduled to be sold from mid-September to late September

Introducing the foldable ARM CHAIR from WHAT WE WANT HOME.

There are two types of backrest: LOW (01.03) type and HIGH (02.04) type.

You can choose from walnut wood (01.02) and oak wood (03.04).

You can take it out camping and use it at home, or you can use it at home for things like bellamping on a wooden deck.

It's a monopod that you'll want to use both at home and on the go.

Serial number included with brass plate.

Dimensions 01(LOW) ≒W613×D610×H705 SH310 AH500

When stored ≒W613×D120×H712

02(HIGH) ≒W613×D656×H910 SH310 AH500

When stored ≒W613×D125×H828

Weight 01(LOW) ≒5.2 Kg

02(HIGH) ≒5.7Kg

03(LOW) ≒6.0 Kg

04(HIGH) ≒6.8Kg

Load capacity 120Kg (strength and durability tested by furniture inspection agency)

Material : Walnut (WN)/Oak (OAK)

Hardware: Stainless steel/steel

Finishing oil finish (clear)

*Storage case is sold separately.

*There are individual differences in color, wood grain, and knots. Please note.

*Please note that specifications may change without notice.

*Individual shipping charges available.

*This product cannot be bundled with other products.

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