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Top board
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WHAT WE WANT & TRIPATH PRODUCTS A collaboration of wood and iron that shows the power of the maker.

It is a collaboration container box with the metal gear garage brand [TRIPATH PRODUCTS] from Hokkaido.

The container body is made of inorganic steel, and the grip is made of warm walnut.
The magnet-type logo plate can be attached to the desired position and can be freely customized.

It has ample storage for camping gear and a tactile wooden grip.
The clear coating applied to the steel surface prevents rust and achieves both design and practicality.

With a design that does not stand out too much, it is perfect not only for outdoor use but also for home use such as living rooms and garages.

By attaching the WHAT WE WANT original optional top plate and legs, it is possible to use it at the same height as the extension table.

By installing the optional BOCCO (stick: Hokkaido dialect), it is possible to attach and use Helinox's side storage etc.

Purchases are only available at WWW SHOP, WHATWEWANT online store, and TRIPATH PRODUCTS online store .

Dimensions W436×D300×H200 mm

Material Body: Steel

Grip frame: Walnut

finish clear paint

Weight about 4kg

Capacity about 23L

Optional material A top plate: Walnut (frame)

MDF (top plate)

Legs: Walnut (legs)

Resin (moving part)

BOCCO: walnut resin

* Optional legs (with screws) must be installed by the customer (with screws).

*Due to the nature of the resin, there is a possibility of chipping when installing the optional legs, but there is no problem in use. note that.

* Rust may occur if the clear coating is peeled off.

*Since wooden parts are natural materials, there are individual differences in color and wood grain.

*Due to the nature of metal, there may be scratches or other marks during product processing. Clear coating is applied to preserve the original texture of the metal, so there is no problem with quality. Please note.

*When the optional top plate and legs are set, depending on the condition of the ground or floor surface, the top plate and HACO may not fit properly due to twisting, but please note that this does not affect the product.

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