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Popular next-generation LED light "BFF"

Industry first! Equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery!

Also, from this time, the bottom of the main unit is equipped with a screw hole U1/4 inch screw that can attach a tripod, and a magnet as standard equipment.

The lighting mode by the LED light,
The daylight color upper light (flashlight) has three patterns: (1) fixed light, (2) flash light, and (3) SOS light.
The lower lantern can be used for a total of 10 patterns, including 4 light bulb colors (strong/medium/weak), 5 amber (orange) colors (strong/medium/weak), and 6 light bulb colors and 7 amber colors simultaneously.

The operation is to turn on the main power button by "long pressing", switch the mode every time you press the button "once", and turn off the light by "long pressing". Even children can easily handle it once they get used to it.

For the specifications of the BFF LED light, please check the URL below.

Click here for the official BFF spec page.

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